Month: February 2019

February 2019 Issue Preview

Endorfin Foods comes “In Focus”, our big 2018 Year In Review combines with the Annual Chocolate Connoisseur Favorites Awards, GMO Chocolate, Ruby chocolate, and Bob’s Red Mill make headlines in Chocolate News, Rene hijacks Editor’s Corner, Endorfin gives you a wonderful Ceremonial Cacao Mousse Recipe, and even more, all in the February 2019 issue!

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Chocolate Connoisseur 2019 Favorites Awards

Take a look back on all the great chocolate we covered in 2018, as we summarize each and every article of 2018, culminating in the 2nd Annual Chocolate Connoisseur Favorite Awards, including both National and Independent categories. Last year LetterPress Chocolate cleaned up, but who will be the big winner in 2019?!

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