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Chocolate Connoisseur Level 1 Certification

Pack your virtual bags and prepare for adventure! Our Level 1 Certification Course is a fun, self-paced, engaging, and non-intimidating way to begin your chocolate connoisseur journey.

Tailored to brand new, aspiring connoisseurs, this course covers all the chocolate basics and will gradually expand your chocolate horizons. It’s purposefully designed to engage and entertain, while teaching all the important basics of enjoying chocolate on a while new level.

No ultra-fancy, intimidating, overly fancy chocolate snobbery here — simply expand your chocolate and have a great time while doing so!

You’ll slowly move you up the chocolate hierarchy, transitioning away from “big chocolate” and into higher quality, healthier, and better tasting chocolate that will elevate your snack time to new heights.

The course mirrors the concept of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine serving as your own personal passport to a broader chocolate world, and for each section you complete, you’ll receive a new “stamp” for your passport.

At the end, after completing an online chocolate tasting with us (optional), you’ll also receive a digital certification badge as well.

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