Monthly Chocolate Offer

Each month, Chocolate Connoisseur partners with one chocolatier or chocolate maker to create an exclusive offer for Chocolate Connoisseur readers and email subscribers.  The offer is designed to help a deserving chocolate professional build his/her customer base by putting a special selection of chocolates in front of our audience, and to introduce Chocolate Connoisseur readers to new and delectable chocolates at the same time we release a new issue of the magazine.

We typically book our chocolate offer at least two months in advance (although exceptions can be made from time to time).  To start the process, either submit the Chocolate Offer Request Form below, or simply send an email to:, and please include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Chocolatier/Chocolate Maker Name
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • An idea of what chocolates you would like to put into the offer, if you have one (please see below for more specifics)

Offer Guidelines

  1. The Selection.  You are in complete control of which chocolates to put in the offer.  You are creating one, standard offer, at a fixed price, that will be presented to our readers.  For example, let’s say you put together a selection of chocolate, and the price winds up being $49.99 — that exact selection and price will be offered all month to our readers.  It’s one offer (price & selection) for one month.  This process is designed to make it very easy on the chocolatier/chocolate maker.  Create one offer and fulfill orders for that exact offer all month long.
  2. SLO (Self-Liquidating Offer).  This is designed to be a self-liquidating offer, allowing you to build your customer list for free by impressing our readers with the selection you create for them, ideally creating satisfied, repeat customers.  More details will be provided on the follow up call, but you’ll want to keep your costs at around 50% or less of the price point in order to maximize cost effectiveness.
  3. Order Fulfillment. processes the orders, which will include the shipping charges you specify, and then sends detailed order information and payment to the chocolatier/chocolate maker for order fulfillment.  Chocolate Connoisseur takes care of all the front end work, and the chocolatier/chocolate maker then ships the order.

If you have any questions you’d like answered before starting the submission process, please feel free to contact us anytime at

Chocolate Offer Request Form

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