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Let Your Chocolate Adventure Begin…

Imagine “talking chocolate” like an expert, enjoying wonderful tastings & conversations with your peers, as you explore fine craft chocolate from all different origins, learning the delicious nuances of each region…

Thailand’s Kad Kokoa (photo by Kad Kokoa)

Imagine sharing your knowledge and expertise with friends and family, introducing them to a healthier chocolate world, enhancing a part of their lives…

Imagine knowing chocolate so well… that every bite you take tastes better than the last.

The one and only Endorfin Foods (photo by Endorfin Foods)

That’s why Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine exists. And the only things standing between your imagination and reality, are a few clicks.

No matter your budget, your connoisseur level, or your goals as a chocolate lover, Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine offers an option perfect for you.

Don’t sweat the choices below. Simply pick one, dive in, and don’t waste another chocolate minute!

Ultimate* – $21.97 (then $12/year)

Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate turbocharges your subscription by instantly giving you access to ALL BACK ISSUES of the magazine!

Yes, you’ll open up every recipe, every In Focus feature, all of it, dating all the way back to December 2016!

Ultimate also includes a free copy of the Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate Passport, an Ultimate-exclusive guide to navigating all the great new content you’ve just unlocked, via CC Ultimate Chocolate Central.

Ultimate members save 20% on all monthly chocolate offers and 10% in the Chocolate Connoisseur Store as well.

 Click here to learn more…

Premier* – $300/year

*Includes FREE Ultimate Membership

When you’re ready to realize your full potential as a chocolate lover, then it’s time to join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier, our top-level membership that sends new, top quality and positively amazing chocolate right to your door, nearly every month of the year, at a huge 25% discount.

Imagine knowing chocolate so well… that every bite you take tastes better than the last.”

There’s no better way to achieve this level of chocolate nirvana than by joining Premier.

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