Chocolate and COVID-19: We Fight On

The COVID-19 Pandemic, amidst everything else it’s wreaking havoc upon, is affecting the craft chocolate world in some very serious ways. I’ll show you the first thing we suggest you do right this moment, I’ll go into much more detail on just how the pandemic is affecting smaller chocolate makers, and last of all, I’ll give you some key resources, and more ways you can help chocolate makers as well.

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Bixby & Co Chocolate Offer

Bixby & Co. delivers four very different chocolate bars in your February-March chocolate offer, with an Organic Belize 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, an Organic Haitian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, a 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Split Rock Bourbon Bar (Dominican Republic origin, infused with Split Rock Bourbon), and Bixby’s Primo 20 Karat Bar, (Dominican Republic origin with Spiced Rosemary Almonds).

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Win Free Chocolate

CC Club Members are entered into all giveaways, plus exclusive content, special offers, and a 10% discount on all chocolate offers and CC merch as well. Are you in?!

Welcome to the CC Club! Please check your email for more information, and enjoy this limited time discount over at LetterPress Chocolate -- Save 20% on orders $100 and over, through April 30th, with code CHOCMAG20

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