Goodnow Farms Chocolate Offer

Goodnow Farms Chocolate returns to Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine with an award-winning chocolate offer that you won’t want to miss. Journey to San Juan Chivite, via Goodnow’s two incredible, single origin Asochivite dark chocolate bars, their single origin Asochivite Hot Cocoa, and a “True to the Bean” Hot Cocoa/Coffee Mug to help you enjoy the entire experience, all packaged within a classic Goodnow Farms Chocolate gift box.

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Chocolate Acai Power Smoothie Recipe

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” If you’re fighting to stick to a New Year’s resolution, or to reboot one as February turns the first page of a new decade, then this issue’s recipe will deliver an unbelievably delicious and energizing boost to your efforts, with the added bonus of your favorite chocolate included as well!

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Conexion Chocolate – In Focus

Conexión… a Spanish word that sounds quite similar to its English version… It’s also the name a young Ecuadorian crafter chose for her small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate company, after learning at a young age that enjoying a piece of chocolate sits among the very best experiences in life. Meet Jenny Samaniego, owner of Conexion chocolate…

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