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Wabi Chocolate – In Focus

Born on the southern end of the world, between tango memories and Japanese contemplation, we bet you´ll never encounter more of a nomad than craft chocolate maker Natalia (Nati) Satto, the Italian-Argentinian-Japanese chocolatier, founder of Wabi Chocolate, in Buenos Aires. Wabi… a word that conceptualizes the beauty of imperfection, yet resonates as the perfect name for a bean-to-bar chocolate line…

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Tiny House Chocolate – In Focus

Tiny House Chocolate – three words you likely never expected to read together, and yet this word trio will most certainly bring a smile to your face once you’ve uncovered its chocolate treasures. Meet Maiana Lasevicius and her husband/business partner, Gustavo Hilsdorf, co-founders of Tiny House Chocolate in Santa Cruz, California who, five years ago, were still in Brazil, leading a very different life…

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Tabal Chocolate – In Focus

This issue’s In Focus chocolate maker, Dan Bieser of Tabal Chocolate, stands as a perfect example of the inspirational side of chocolate. I fully expect that his journey will not only make you smile – and of course want to try some Tabal Chocolate – but will also light a little extra fire within you to do a little more. Just a hunch, so let’s find out…

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