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How “Chocolate Connoisseur” Delivers

Every single month we deliver a brand new e-magazine straight to your inbox, revealing the most delicious chocolate, showcasing the finest chocolatiers in the world, uncovering ways chocolate can help make a healthier you, creating wonderful chocolate cocktails, and that’s only scratching the surface…

Discover something new inside each and every issue of “Chocolate Connoisseur”:

  1. In Focus: These in-depth, exclusive features shine the spotlight on some of the finest chocolatiers & chocolate makers in the world.
  2. The Healthy Bean: Chocolate isn’t just your favorite guilty pleasure, it can also be good for you, both inside and out. We” show you how chocolate can actually help improve your health.
  3. On the Chocolate Regular: Of course for the finest chocolate, you’ll go straight to the world’s finest chocolate makers & chocolatiers, but with “On the Chocolate Regular”, we show you delectable chocolates you can find almost anywhere, anytime.
  4. Chocolate University: From chocolate history to making your very own bean-to-bar chocolate at home, Chocolate University opens up the world of chocolate like never before.
  5. The Ethical Bean: With important articles like Big Chocolate’s Ugly Secret, More Than Just a Label, and  Corruption in the Chocolate Chain: Deadly Deforestation and Cacao, you’ll find The Ethical Bean keeps you informed and empowered to make a difference in the world of chocolate, everyday.
  6. So Much More… Exclusive chocolate offers from elite chocolatiers and chocolate makers (at significant discounts), chocolate recipes & cocktails you will love, even videos from our Chocolate Channel… it’s all just a taste of the unique chocolate experience Chocolate Connoisseur delivers each and every month.

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Exclusive Chocolates

Chocolate Connoisseur isn’t just a magazine, it’s your ticket to exclusive, handpicked chocolate offers from elite chocolatiers and chocolate makers around the world. Nearly every single month you’re presented with a chocolate offer from a chocolate maker or chocolatier who’s created a unique selection of chocolate just for Chocolate Connoisseur readers.

It’s a chance for you to not just read about, but actually sample, chocolate from all over the world, delivered right to your front door. The best part?  Active Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine subscribers (monthly or annually) receive a 20% discount on each month’s chocolate offer.

If you want to try that month’s chocolates, simply log in & place an order at, use your subscribers-only coupon code, and you’ll receive the 20% discount. The Monthly Chocolate Offer is an optional benefit to your subscription, there for you anytime you’d like to try new chocolate, but never a requirement.

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Chocolate Connoisseur’s Outstanding Benefits

  • Fast, Easy Access — Chocolate Connoisseur is right here at your fingertips, 24/7, 365 days a year. Quickly access your current issue, or any of your earlier issues as well, all in an instant. Perfect convenience if you’re looking for favorite recipes, a particular chocolate maker, an Ask a Chocolate Expert answer, etc.
  • 100% Ad-Free — All content within each issue is always ad-freeso you’re reading all about chocolate, without distractions, instead of flipping through a magazine filled with 80% ads, 20% content. Every single issue of Chocolate Connoisseur is 100% content.
  • Saves the Environment Completely clutter-free and environmentally-friendly, no need to keep piles of unread magazines in the corner to “save them for later!”
  • New Chocolate Offers Nearly Every Month — Save 20% on all chocolate offers,  so you can try new chocolate nearly every single month at the best price anywhere. Period.
  • Access to Chocolate Experts — Ask any chocolate-related questions to one of our guest chocolate maker or chocolatier experts.

Feature Content

  • Chocolate University
  • In Focus Interviews
  • Chocolate News
  • Chocolate Calendar
  • The Healthy Bean
  • Chocolate Recipes
  • The Chocolate Channel
  • Ask a Chocolate Expert
  • Chocolate Events
  • The Ethical Bean
  • Chocolate Cocktails
  • On the Chocolate Regular
  • Inside Chocolate

Chocolate Connoisseur’s 2018 Issues

Here’s what an Annual Subscription looked like in 2018…

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