+ Last Updated: July 30th, 2020

What are your Subscription Rates?

Answer:  Our only available “subscription” option is Chocolate Connoisseur Premier, essentially our Chocolate of the Month Club. It’s $300 per year.

We also offer a Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate Membership (Lifetime), which unlocks everything we’ve ever published and includes 20% off all our chocolate offers, for as long we publish them. Ultimate costs just $21.97, billed only once.

How do I get a discount on the Exclusive Chocolate Offers?

Answer: There are three ways. First, sign up for the CC Club (our free subscription option), and you’ll receive a 10% discount on every chocolate offer, plus notifications of new issues, free subscriber-exclusive sales, and of course all new chocolate offers.

Second, sign up for an Ultimate Membership, and you’ll receive a big 20% discount on every chocolate offer, FOR AS LONG AS WE OFFER THEM(!), plus all the other benefits of being a Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate member.

Third, join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier, and you’ll receive a whopping 25% discount all chocolate offers, plus all ten offers for the year will be shipped to you automatically. In addition, each Chocolate Connoisseur Premier membership includes a free Ultimate Subscription to the magazine.

Can I Purchase a Gift Subscription or Membership?

Answer: Yes! To purchase a gift subscription, click the “Make this a gift” checkbox on either the CART page or the CHECKOUT page. This will prompt you to enter the Recipient’s Email Address.  The address you enter here must be the email address for the person receiving the gift.  That person will then be prompted to set up their Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine login, and will be given access to the magazine.

The person associated to the gift email will have the subscription access, but you will still control the order, renewal options, etc.

What is the Magazine Format? Can I Get a Printed Copy?

Answer: Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine is published digitally only.  As of July 1, 2020, we no longer publish full digital issues, and we never published print issues, largely because our unique publishing model gives us great flexibility in how we deliver content to readers, and keeps costs down.  As you probably know, traditional print media is much more difficult to sustain here in the internet age.

All magazine content is published exclusively on the Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine website, with pre-July 2020 requiring a login. Logins are included as part of each subscription or single issue purchase, instantly giving you full access to ensure a top tier and seamless reading experience.

Each magazine issue’s contents are accessed online only, always available via the ACCESS YOUR ISSUES menu option.

Once you navigate to an article on the site, all other articles in that issue are accessible via the Issue Menu at the bottom of each page, making it quick and easy to read through every issue — all via your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

How do I purchase a Subscription to Chocolate Connoisseur?

Answer: If you’re looking to purchase a Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate Membership or Premier Subscription, you’ll want to start by clicking here, or by clicking on SUBSCRIBE in the header menu above.

Are Single Back Issues available?

Answer:  Yes.  Single back issues are available for $3.97 each.  You can purchase single issues by clicking here, or by clicking on MAGAZINE ISSUES in the header menu above, then clicking on BUY SINGLE ISSUES.

When are new issues published?

Answer:  As of July 1, 2020, Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine no longer publishes actual magazine issues.

We do, however, still publish free content as we create it, but there is no specific schedule.

To be immediately notified when we publish new content, simply join the CC Club (our email list) right here or use the quick subscribe option in the sidebar on this page, and you’ll always be up-to-date.

Is the Chocolate Connoisseur Shopping Cart secure, is my information safe?

Answer:  Yes! We use Stripe and PayPal as well for our merchant options, and they are the gold standard of security online. They handle all of your credit card information, so at no point do we even access, let alone store, any of that sensitive data on our own site.

The only data we store is your subscription access information — which is simply your ChocolateConnoisseurMag.com login information and your subscription data (subscription type, address, etc.). We’re also Trustify-Certified, as you can see from the trust seals on all of our Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

Do you offer refunds?

Answer:  No, because we offer instantly downloadable/accessible content, we cannot offer refunds. You can easily cancel any level of subscription yourself at anytime, however, via your Account Dashboard. No phone calls or emails are necessary, you’re in complete control of your subscription at all times, and once a subscription is cancelled, there is no further billing.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact us anytime at support@ChocolateConnoisseurMag.com.