Fresco Chocolate Deluxe Collection

Fresco Chocolate

Fresco Chocolate’s Deluxe Collection

This month we kick off Spring by happily welcoming our old friends at Fresco Chocolate back to Chocolate Connoisseur. Fresco states their chocolate purpose quite clearly on their website — “Fresco makes pure, dark chocolate. By purposefully changing cocoa roasting and chocolate conching, we create new chocolate experiences for your consideration.We use three ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter.”

Purchasing all their cacao via direct trade, they source ethically and put a deep focus on bringing out the distinct flavor of each and every origin source, using different roasting and conching intensities to create multiple, unique varieties per origin. In other words, Fresco Chocolate brings it, and their chocolate wins awards nearly every single year because of it.



Kul Chocolate Six Bar Collection

K'ul Chocolate

K’ul Chocolate Six Bar Collection

If K’ul Chocolate looks familiar to you, but you just can’t quite place exactly why, then perhaps the word BIJA rings a bell!

This month we’re re-introducing chocolate makers Paul Newman and Ari Lee-Newman from the chocolate Mecca known as Washington state, and their recently re-branded BIJA to K’ul, chocolate company. Here’s your latest chocolate offer — the K’ul Six Bar Collection.


Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler #2

Endorfin Foods

Endorfin Six Bar Sampler

It’s a long overdue chocolate partnership here at the end of 2020, as we’re overjoyed to bring you some incredible chocolate from the one and only Endorfin Foods, created by Brian Wallace. Enjoy Endorfin’s unique flavor profiles, as they sweeten each bar with coconut sugar and caramelized coconut “mylk” for a smooth and creamy experience, with a light caramel accent.

Father's Day Mugs Duo

No Offer in June, but...

Brand New in the CC Store

Although we don’t publish chocolate offers in June, we do have two new mugs in the CC Store, perfect for Father’s Day. Order by June 12th for Father’s Day shipping, and enjoy 10% off too.

Bixby & Co

Four Bar Collection

Bixby & Co. delivers four very different chocolate bars in your February-March chocolate offer, with an Organic Belize 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, an Organic Haitian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, a 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Split Rock Bourbon Bar (Dominican Republic origin, infused with Split Rock Bourbon), and Bixby’s Primo 20 Karat Bar, (Dominican Republic origin with Spiced Rosemary Almonds).

Elments Truffles Devi Gift Box

Elements Truffles

Devi Gift Box

We’re very excited to celebrate the return of Elements Truffles to our Chocolate Shop, featuring five outstanding bars from Wall Street trader turned chocolate guru, Alak Vasa. Delectable chocolate awaits you in Elements’ Devi Gift Box, a five bar assortment of their latest product line that will make your mouth water before you even finish reading each bar’s description.

Fruition Chocolate Works Eight Bars

Fruition Chocolate Works

Support Fruition!

Chocolate makers need our support right now! Our normal chocolate offers won’t return until the Fall, so instead, we hope you’ll directly support New York chocolate maker Fruition Chocolate Works here in May.

Conexión Chocolate

Conexión Chocolate Six Bars

Deeper connections, incredible chocolate… indulge in Conexión! You’re sure to love Conexión, both the story behind the company, and of course the chocolate itself, especially with these six bars, which you can order right here at an incredible price. 

Stone Grindz Chocolate Sale

Stone Grindz Chocolate

Stone Grindz Four Bar Collection

Stone Grindz Chocolate triumphantly kicks off the return of our chocolate offers after the extended summer hiatus, delivering this incredible four bar collection of award-winning chocolate at an unbeatable price. Welcome back chocolate!

LetterPress Chocolate

Support LetterPress!

Chocolate makers need our support right now more than ever. Our chocolate offers, as you’ve come to know them, may not return until the Fall; instead, we’re encouraging you to directly support chocolate makers during this time, starting right here with LetterPress Chocolate out of Los Angeles. 

Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Asochivite Single Origin Gift Box

Goodnow Farms Chocolate returns to Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine with an award-winning chocolate offer that you won’t want to miss. Journey to San Juan Chivite, via Goodnow’s two incredible, single origin Asochivite dark chocolate bars, their single origin Asochivite Hot Cocoa, and a “True to the Bean” Hot Cocoa/Coffee Mug to help you enjoy the entire experience, all packaged within a classic Goodnow Farms Chocolate gift box.


Wabi Chocolate

Betulia Origin Limited Batch

Wabi Chocolate’s Betulia Origin Limited Batch includes three delectable chocolate items below, all handcrafted with Betulia, Colombia single origin cacao. This extremely limited batch will sell out quickly, so please place your order ASAP.

Projet Chocolat

The Projet Chocolat Collection

Back in early Fall 2017, we had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful, positive force for chocolate good that is Sophia Rea, founder of the illustrious Projet Chocolat in Nashville, TN. Now Sophia returns with The Projet Chocolat Collection featuring Chocolate Zodiac Cards and Chocolate Envelopes…

Kad Kokoa

Kad Kokoa Six Bar Sampler

This issue’s elite chocolate offer not only ships bean-to-bar chocolate to your front door, it does so from the beautiful country of Thailand, in a very rare international chocolate offer that you will not want to miss! Make sure you place your order ASAP, because we expect this offer to sell out!

Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate Gift Set

Indulge in these four bars selected by the craft chocolate rock stars known as Ritual Chocolate! In addition to picking up the gift set, make sure you read Ritual’s incredible story as well, right inside your October ’19 Issue Preview.


CACOCO Drinking Chocolate Trio

Earlier this year, CACOCO basked in the glory of not one, but two, Chocolate Connoisseur Independent Favorites Awards. so we brought them back for an encore chocolate offer here to close out the Spring. In addition to the two award winners, CACOCO entices you with the 70% Dark Spicy variety of their drinking chocolate, a version they once called Fire Walker…

Zak's Chocolate

Chocolate Connoisseur Gift Set

The Scottsdale-based chocolate company returns with an award-winning selection of chocolate that includes two award-winning bars, a truffles sampler, and their single origin in-house pressed cocoa powder as well! Available through March.

Tiny House Chocolate

Tiny House Chocolate Four Bar Collection

Is there a better way to kick off the first official weekend of Fall than to bring chocolate back?! We think not! Yes, we are indeed bringing chocolate back, courtesy of the one and only Tiny House Chocolate in Santa Cruz, CA, the dynamic duo chocolate makers we covered in depth back in the July ’19 issue…

Wolf Chocolate

The Wolf Chocolate Four Bar Collection

This month, your chocolate offer not only sends four unique and delicious new chocolate bars your way, it also helps save lives… dog lives to be more precise. Right now, San Diego’s own Wolf Chocolate, featured in our first ever New Chocolate Spotlight in the April ’19 issue, donates $1 from every bar purchased to Wags and Walks…

Lulu's Chocolate

Deluxe Love Collection

Lulu’s Chocolate returns for your Jan-Feb chocolate offer with the Deluxe Love Collection — four chocolate bars, plus three boxes of truffles and cups! The full collection arrives in a lovely gift box as well, the perfect Valentine’s Day present! Available through February.


Tabal Chocolate

Six Bar Sampler

Tabal’s embrace of direct trade (strongly focused on cacao farmer welfare), coupled with a comittment to organic, single origin, bean-to-bar chocolate, means their Six Bar Sampler will satisfy almost any chocolate connoisseur. Available through mid-to-late January 2019.

Cao Chocolates

The Cao Chocolates Bean-to-Bar Four Pack

Cao’s Bean-to-Bar Four Pack includes the Brazil 70%, San Sebastian Venezuela 72%,  Nicaragua 70%, and San Sebastian Venezuela 82% bars.

Wei of Chocolate

All the Wei Assortment

All the Wei is a wondrous assortment of up to nine flavors that comes in a lovely eco-luxe paper box with thirty individually wrapped pieces inside. Organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten free, soy free dark chocolate infused with different blends of herbs, spices and flower essences.

FINE & RAW Chocolate

Chocolate Connoisseur Sampler

FINE & RAW tempts you with six different chocolate offerings in this decadent, delicious sampler, just in time for the holidays!

Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine

CC Favorites Coffee Mugs

Featuring our two award-winning In Focus chocolate makers from 2017, this three coffee mug collection also includes the new Chocolate Connoisseur Logo Mug as well. Celebrate two of your favorite chocolate makers and magazine issues, perfect for yourself or great as gifts for any chocolate lovers.

The Chocolate Therapist

Chocolate Connoisseur Selections

Julie Nygard, the author, chocolate maker and chocolatier also known as The Chocolate Therapist, delivers two different bars, two samples of caramels, plus her Dark Chocolate Wine Pairing Collection…

Cultura Craft Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate Trio

Cultura Craft Chocolate delivers three distinct and exclusive chocolate offers this October-November, starting with the Drinking Chocolate Trio.

Terroir Chocolate

The Terroir Chocolate Collections

Our final “chocolate” chocolate offer until September showcases Josh and Kristin Mohagen’s Terroir Chocolate, from Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Two four-bar collections — Single Origin and Dark Milk — offer two distinct bean-to-bar experiences to round out the first half of our 2018 chocolate offers.


The CACOCO Collection

Now’s your chance to “Revive the molten chocolate elixir!” with CACOCO, some of the world’s finest drinking chocolate from February’s In Focus chocolate maker. Discover the therapeutic properties of cacao while helping CACOCO change the chocolate world with its top-notch ethical practices as well.


2017 Holiday Chocolate Shop

Welcome to the Holiday Chocolate Shop, a one-stop shop for holiday chocolate and chocolate-related items, where we bring back earlier participants over the past year, give you great holiday season deals with your 10% to 25% off coupons, and we all partner to donate 6% to 10% to Enliven Cacao, a nonprofit organization fighting to cure poverty through a more sustainable cacao supply chain.

33 Books Co.

Tasting Journals

33 Books Co. creates books and “tasting maps” designed to help people quickly note the important details of their favorite beverages and food: chocolate, beer, coffee, wine, cheese, whiskey, and more.

Julie's Beet

Two Exclusive Chocolate Connoisseur Gift Sets

Handpicked items from Cacao Prieto, Rococo Chocolates, Palette de Bine, and Undone round out two distinct gifts sets, created exclusively for Chocolate Connoisseur by Julie’s Beet out of NYC.

Elements Truffles

Elements Truffles Five-Bar Collection

Back in the May 2017 issue we introduced you to the fabulous Alak Vasa and Elements Truffles — now we introduce you to her chocolate! Five different bars, each with their own unique infusions, from turmeric to beet root to lavender, reveal a new world of chocolate… from an enlightening perspective.

LetterPress Chocolate

Two Exclusively-Priced Collections

With the triumphant return of LetterPress Chocolate’s elite Ucayali Bar, David Menkes is offering Chocolate Connoisseur readers an incredible price on two sets of chocolate bars, with both sets including the Ucayali.

Singing Rooster

Haitian Chocolate Bars, Cacao Nibs & Coffee

Three different offers from Singing Rooster, and with each purchase, Singing Rooster plants an income-providing cacao tree in Haiti.

Projet Chocolat

Projet Chocolat’s Chocolate Connoisseur Bundle

This issue’s chocolate offer delivers the Chocolate Connoisseur Bundle from Projet Chocolat — eight Chocolate Tasting Papers and six Chocolate Envelopoes — yet another way to elevate your appreciation of chocolate to a whole new level…


Bricolage Gift Collection

Bon Appetit Magazine’s “Best Chocolates in America” – Caramel Bar Collection, Chocolate Caramelized Almonds, and Classic Butter Cups.


Rawclates Milk & White / Dark Chocolate Bars

Hadara Slok’s delectable creations — two different sets of 7 bars, featuring either”milk” (Rawclates bars are all vegan) & white, or dark chocolate.

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