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Projet Chocolat delivers chocolate elegance…

Back in early Fall 2017, we had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful, positive force for chocolate good that is Sophia Rea, founder of the illustrious Projet Chocolat in Nashville, TN. If you’re not familiar with Sophia and Projet Chocolat, click here to read that full In Focus feature from your September 2017 issue (if you’re a subscriber and own the September ’17 issue, click here for the ad-free version).

For more on the Projet Chocolat Collection, scroll below for all the details. Also, BIG THANKS to Sophia for being so generous to all our Chocolate Connoisseur readers! She’s put together a phenomenal deal for you, with a significant savings even if you aren’t a subscriber (20% off) or Premier member (25% off), so make sure you take advantage of it before this offer ends in mid-August!

One special note: Sophia is busy helping to open a new chocolate museum in Beverly Hills for a short time, so shipments of the Projet Chocolat Collection will be slightly delayed (by less than week), until around July 28th. Chocolate Connoisseur Premier members, your shipments were already sent, however (yes, membership has its privileges), so if you haven’t received your Projet Chocolat Collection just yet, you will very, very soon.

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The Projet Chocolat Collection – $40


The Projet Chocolat Collection features the following:

12 Chocolate Zodiac Cards
6 Chocolate Envelopes

Chocolate Zodiac Cards (12)

Get to know your chocolate preferences according to your astrology sign! In collaboration with Rachel Lang Astrology, all 12 astrological signs are represented.

We like to tuck one in our Chocolate Envelopes with our favorite bean-to-bar chocolate as a birthday present for friends and family.

Each pack includes all 12 astrological signs

Chocolate Envelopes (6)

Chocolate Envelopes to preserve and store opened bars of chocolate. We at Projet Chocolat like using them to gift wrap our favorite bars.

Each package includes six embossed glassine envelopes with adhesive labels and a white pencil from the general pencil company.

The Projet Chocolat Collection – $40


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