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CACOCO’s ethically sourced, heirloom cacao is harvested from Ecuadorian farms applying ecological and regenerative practices. For details on each blend, see the collection below.

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The CACOCO Collection – $40


The CACOCO Collection features one (1) each of these three drinking chocolates:

Midnight Mystic

80% Extra Dark Chocolate Blend

A euphoric dark chocolate blend highlighting the superfood benefits of unroasted cacao and whole vanilla bean. 

Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Butter*, Vanilla Bean*, Himalayan Salt (*Notes Organic)

    • Cacao: Food of the Gods
    • Vanilla: Soothing Jungle Orchid
THE Original

55% Rich Dark Chocolate Blend

A traditionally inspired, uplifting spiced chocolate blend that supports a wholesome lifestyle.   

Ingredients: Cacao, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Carob*, Lucuma*, Vanilla Bean*, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Cayenne* (*Notes Organic)

    • Carob: Saint John’s Wilderness Bread
    • Lucuma:  Gold of the Incas
    • Ceylon Cinnamon: ancient Silk Road aphrodisiac

CACOCO Testimonials

“I’ve been enjoying Cacoco’s Essential Midnight for a couple of weeks now, and it’s so good!

Perfect chocolatey flavor, texture and mouthfeel. And I’m totally looking forward to trying all of Cacoco’s drinking chocolate blends…

[Not] the cheapest hot chocolate beverage on the block, but it sure is one of the best with a good dose of healthy, and it’s worth every penny!” — Janice F.

Though a slightly pricey indulgence, this gift-worthy chocolate is meant to be savored. More accurately described as a “sipping” chocolate, this is a rich, decadent, low sugar product that comes alive with a simple dousing of hot water.

The spice of the Original combined with the raw cacao is alluring and complex, the Midnight is a grown-up semi-sweet delight, and the Global Warrior somehow bridges delicious and medicinal. — GoDairyFree.org

“You end up with an espresso sized beverage that’s quite divine. It’s got that rich cacao flavor with just the right reserve of sweet and a tad salty. Yum!”

— Barbara S.


65% Herbal Dark Chocolate Blend

Gather your strength with Global Warrior: an energizing chocolate blend of superfood herbs and spices, with notes of turkish coffee & masala chai.

Ingredients: Cacao*, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Carob*, Maca*, Mesquite*, Himalayan Salt, Turmeric*, Cardamom*, Orange Peel*, Whole Leaf Stevia*, Black Pepper* (*Notes Organic)

    • Turmeric: The Golden Goddess
    • Mesquite: The Desert Dweller
    • Maca: Incan Warrior Root

The CACOCO Collection – $40


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