Chocolate of the Month Club: Chocolate Connoisseur Premier

Brooklyn’s own FINE & RAW Chocolate, a previous Chocolate Connoisseur Premier shipment (photo by FINE & RAW)

Trying to find a great monthly chocolate club is both frustrating and, to put it bluntly, nearly impossible. We get it.

So if you’ve been searching high and low for the best chocolate of the month club, you’ve finally arrived. 

You’re about to see why Chocolate Connoisseur Premier is “The only complete chocolate membership club in the USA.”

How Chocolate Connoisseur Premier Takes Your Chocolate Experience to New Heights…

Ayurveda-inspired Elements Truffles chocolate, a previous Chocolate Connoisseur Premier shipment (photo by Elements Truffles)

By combining a free Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine Ultimate Subscription with all our chocolate offers, Chocolate Connoisseur Premier helps bridge the gap between those who say they love chocolate, and true chocolate lovers and chocolate connoisseurs.

Chocolate Connoisseur Premier vs. the Most Popular “Chocolate of the Month” Clubs

(per Google traffic rankings)

 GourmetAmazingHarry & DavidGodivaCC Premier
Monthly Price w/Shipping54.9535.9537.8235.83$30.00
Always "chocolate connoisseur level" high quality ingredientsNoUnknownNoNot even closeYes
Full ingredients transparency, easily viewed onlineNoNoNoNoYes
Chocolate Only or Diluted Mega ClubDiluted Mega Club CompanyDiluted Mega Club CompanyDiluted Mega Club CompanyChocolate OnlyChocolate Only
View all earlier offersNo, previous 12 onlyNoNoNoYes
Different chocolate maker each monthYesNoNoNoYes
In-depth article on each chocolate makerNoNoNoNoOften
Cacao origin always specifiedNoNoNoNoYes
Ethical sourcing guaranteeNoNoNoNoYes
FREE Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate Subscription includedNoNoNoNoYes

COMPARISON NOTE: Top 4 Chocolate of the Month Clubs compared here are based on Google’s traffic rankings as of October 2019. They include the Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club, the Amazing Clubs Chocolate of the Month Club, Harry & David’s Chocolate of the Month Club, and the Chocolate of the Month Club Godiva as well.

Join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier and we’ll ship the current active chocolate offer to you immediately*

PLEASE NOTE: Chocolate Connoisseur Premier ships to USA shipping addresses only.

Let Chocolate Connoisseur Premier take you on an exciting journey of discovery…

Enjoy at least one international chocolate offer each year, chocolate you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, save for the native country of the chocolate maker. Case in point, Bangkok’s own Kad Kokoa (pictured below, photo by Kad Kokoa), the Thailand-based chocolate maker we featured in Spring 2019.

Find chocolate inspiration with our In Focus Interview Tie-Ins. You won’t simply try new chocolate, you’ll uncover the oft-inspirational inside stories behind the chocolatiers and chocolate makers who create each chocolate offer, via our in-depth, exclusive interviews with each partner in Chocolate Connoisseur’s Chocolate Shop.

Make deeper connections when you enjoy each In Focus interview, you’ll also develop a deeper connection with the chocolate makers and chocolatiers who send you chocolate each month, increasing both your knowledge and enjoyment of every new chocolate you taste. You won’t simply bite into a new chocolate bar or truffle, you’ll experience them exactly as the artisan intended.

The incredible LetterPress Ucayali Bar – now their best-selling bar, Chocolate Connoisseur Premier members tasted one long before most chocolate lovers even knew of its existence

Elite Chocolate few other chocolate of the month clubs can touch. Everything else is only lip service if the chocolate doesn’t measure up, and as you can see in all our previous chocolate shipments, our Chocolate Shop offers never disappoint!

Sometimes we deliver award-winning chocolate, sometimes you’ll taste a chocolate we discover before it’s even won an award or caught fire, like the LetterPress Ucayali Bar pictured above.

You deserve elite chocolate, and that’s what we promise to deliver every single time.

Wabi Chocolate’s Betulia Origin Limited Batch, a Chocolate Connoisseur-exclusive shipping from Chile, was only available to a handful of people outside of our Premier members. Yes, membership has its privileges.

A Little Bit of Heart and Soul: Make no mistake, people who care make the best chocolate, so you’ll only find artisans who focus on the highest quality,  ethical cacao and other ingredients in their chocolate creations. There’s more than one way to save the world, and most great chocolate makers and chocolatiers care deeply about the entire chocolate supply chain and our planet too.

Expert Guidance: From tasting notes… to perfect pairings… to exclusive recipes and tips directly from each artisan, you’ll know how to enjoy each wonderful chocolate creation in ways you simply wouldn’t uncover from only purchasing these on your own.

Perfect Convenience: Chocolate Connoisseur Premier Membership lets you sit back and enjoy chocolate nearly every single month on auto-pilot, as we’ll automatically ship each new chocolate offer out to you as soon as it’s released.

Your membership automatically renews at the original price you paid for it, so not only do you never miss a shipment, but we’ll never increase the price on you either.

Join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier and we’ll ship the current active chocolate offer to you immediately*

What’s Included…

  • A unique chocolate shipment sent to you in each of the following months at an  epic 25% discount over the $40 regular price (shipping included): January, February, March, April, May, July (non-perishable items only due to summer weather), September, October, November, December.
  • Free Subscription to Chocolate Connoisseur Ultimate (click here to see all that’s included in an Ultimate Subscription).
  • Easily cancel anytime in your Account Dashboard, no need for emails or phone calls
  • Total Value: $421.97
  • Chocolate Connoisseur Premier Price: Only $300/year
    That’s just $30 per offer!

Join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier and we’ll ship the current active chocolate offer to you immediately*

A Quick Glimpse of the Chocolate Shop

Here are a few samples of previous Chocolate Offers…

Join Chocolate Connoisseur Premier and we’ll ship the current active chocolate offer to you immediately*

* — If there is no current offer (no offers in June and August), we’ll ship the next offer as soon as it’s published.

PLEASE NOTE: Chocolate Connoisseur Premier ships to USA shipping addresses only.

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