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Pernia Family Farm – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey – Preview

Victoria Cooksey returns with her first Chocolate One-on-One article of 2019, this time introducing you to the Pernia family, of the Pernia Family Farm in Venezuela. She caught up with Gabriel Pernia and the rest of the family at the November 2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, and shares her full interview inside…

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Hazel Lee: Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey Preview

Have you ever thought about flavor in terms of color? A hint of raspberry hits your palette, you close your eyes and visualize… which color on the spectrum? Victoria Cooksey interviews Hazel Lee, creator of the innovative Taste with Colour® Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map, a simple and approachable tool used to identify more flavors in chocolate through colors.

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Nate Hodge: Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey Preview

In August’s Chocolate One-on-One, Victoria Cooksey interviews Nate Hodge as they discuss his new book, “The Art and Craft of Chocolate: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Preparing and Enjoying Artisan Chocolate at Home”, published just this month. From his own story, to Raaka Chocolate, to the new book, and even to how you might be the first to find the world’s still-undiscovered greatest cacao, you will love Nate’s positivity as he shares his knowledge.

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Askinosie Chocolate – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey Part II

Victoria Cooksey returns with part two of her exclusive interview with Askinosie Chocolate’s Shawn Askinosie. In this second segment, Shawn further expounds on his new book, “Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling and Feed Your Soul”, discussing self-doubt and the deeper human connections he’s made via speaking engagements related to the book’s content.

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Firefly Chocolate – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey

Victoria Cooksey returns to interview Jonas Ketterle of Firefly Chocolate and Ceremonial Cacao. Follow Jonas’ chocolate journey through his brief tech startup days… to a fateful trip to Mexico… to the outstanding, transformative chocolate and drinking cacao of Firefly. Get an inside look at how one of the most transparent chocolate companies today came to be.

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