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Chocolate, Cadmium, and Lead?

Chocolate cadmium? We always love diving into the positive health effects stemming from our favorite food, but we’d also be remiss to not mention any health concerns in the chocolate world as well. Ironically, as chocolate connoisseurs, the possible health danger we’re discussing today actually puts us more at risk, not less, so it’s very important that you pay attention to this article…

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Firefly Chocolate – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey

Victoria Cooksey returns to interview Jonas Ketterle of Firefly Chocolate and Ceremonial Cacao. Follow Jonas’ chocolate journey through his brief tech startup days… to a fateful trip to Mexico… to the outstanding, transformative chocolate and drinking cacao of Firefly. Get an inside look at how one of the most transparent chocolate companies today came to be.

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