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Nate Hodge: Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey Preview

In August’s Chocolate One-on-One, Victoria Cooksey interviews Nate Hodge as they discuss his new book, “The Art and Craft of Chocolate: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Preparing and Enjoying Artisan Chocolate at Home”, published just this month. From his own story, to Raaka Chocolate, to the new book, and even to how you might be the first to find the world’s still-undiscovered greatest cacao, you will love Nate’s positivity as he shares his knowledge.

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August 2018 Issue Preview

Your last issue of the summer delivers! Rene Zimbelman takes you front and center with Cholaca’s Ira Leibtag… Victoria Cooksey talks with Raaka chocolate maker Nate Hodges about his new book in Chocolate One-on-On… Fernanda Bravo makes her writing debut, taking you to Ecuador and Chile to meet Munay Chocolate… Endangered Species Chocolate launches a new bar and a Save the Elephants Sweepstakes… Maria Sharapova looks to win game-set-match in the chocolate world, and much, much more…

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