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September 2018 Issue Preview

Welcome back to Fall! Our September issue brings you two new In Focus articles, one on Daniel Sklaar and Fine & Raw chocolate, straight outta Brooklyn, while the other introduces you to Ricardo Trillos and Cao Chocolates. Cao also serves up your first chocolate offer since May, with the Cao Chocolates Bean-to-Bar Four Pack., Hazel Lee goes one-on-one with Victoria Cooksey, The Great American Beer Fest reveals its three chocolate beer winners for 2018, and more…

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Hazel Lee: Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey Preview

Have you ever thought about flavor in terms of color? A hint of raspberry hits your palette, you close your eyes and visualize… which color on the spectrum? Victoria Cooksey interviews Hazel Lee, creator of the innovative Taste with Colour® Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map, a simple and approachable tool used to identify more flavors in chocolate through colors.

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