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Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler

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Six of Endorfin’s Finest…

It’s a long overdue chocolate partnership to kick off a new year here, as we’re overjoyed to bring you some incredible chocolate from the one and only Endorfin Foods, created by Brian Wallace.

This sampler pack features six full size versions of Endorfin’s best selling, award-winning chocolate bars: Coconut Cream, Golden Mylk, Turkish Coffee, Absinthe, Ginger & Rose, and Dark & Salty. Endorfin “packs this sampler assortment neatly into a re-usable cotton drawstring gift bag that will make a wonderful impression on the lucky recipient, even if that happens to be you!”

They also sweeten each bar with coconut sugar and caramelized coconut “mylk” — so they’re smooth and creamy, with a light caramel flavor to them as well.

If you’ve yet to read our In Focus Feature on Endorfin Foods, click the link to learn all about Brian Wallace and the inpsiring story behind the delectable chocolate creations you’ll be tasting this month!

NOTE: This selection shipped costs $40 on Endorfin’s website, but you can pick it all up here for $30-$36, depending on your discount.

Offer ends January 28th of 2021, or while supplies last.

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Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler #2

Endorfin Six Bar Sampler – $40


Endorfin’s Six Bar Sampler features the following six chocolate bars:

Coconut Cream
Golden Mylk
Turkish Coffee
Ginger & Rose
Dark & Salty

Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler

Endofrin Foods Coconut Cream Bar

Coconut Cream
Dark Chocolate Bar w/Coconut Milk 54% Cacao

2018 Best Vegan Milk Chocolate – Gold (Taste TV)

Crisp, refreshing, and familiar, this dark chocolate bar with coconut milk is a 21st century rendition of milk chocolate with coconut instead of dairy.

Endorfin crafts this bar with a much higher percentage of cacao than standard milk chocolate, so you’ll get the rich flavor and health benefits of dark chocolate with the luxuriously smooth texture you know and love.

As with all of Endorfin’s products, this smooth & creamy organic coconut milk chocolate bar is dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Single Origin Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla†*

Endofrin Foods Golden Mylk Bar

Golden Mylk
Turmeric, Cardamom, & Black Pepper 40% Cacao

2020 Best Vegan Milk Chocolate – Silver (Taste TV)

There is nothing else like this bar in the world.

To make it, Endorfin starts with fresh golden turmeric root, and mills it with coconut sugar and caramelized coconut mylk until its ultra smooth and creamy.

They include a touch of cardamom and black pepper to finish the flavor and unlock the bioavailability of the turmeric that drives the deliciously bold flavor of this unique bar.

Ingredients: Cacao Butter†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Turmeric†*, Black Lava Salt, Essential Oils of Cardamom* & Black Pepper*

Endofrin Foods Turkish Coffee Bar

Turkish Coffee
Dark Chocolate Coffee Cardamom 60% Cacao

2018 Best Dark Chocolate Bar – Silver, Sofi Awards (Specialty Food Association)

Endorfin, with a tip of their hats to the world’s first coffee houses, crafts their Turkish Coffee chocolate bar using fresh cardamom and whole coffee beans,  roasted to perfection by Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco, CA.

They carefully mill the cardamom and coffee directly into the chocolate, “capturing peak flavor and smoothness in an unsurpassed expression of confectionary alchemy.”

Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Coffee†*, Cardamom*

Endofrin Foods Absinthe Bar

Dark Chocolate Bar w/Anise, Fennel, & Mugwort 70% Cacao

This luscious botanical absinthe chocolate bar takes its name and flavor from the famed liquor of 18th century Europe.

As elusive as it is bohemian, the character of true absinthe has inspired countless alchemical works of art, poetry, and film since its inception centuries ago.

Endorfin’s absinthe chocolate is crafted according to the original recipes from European historical literature, with Mugwort, Anise, Sweet Fennel, and Melissa (Lemon Balm), using only the purest, unadulterated essential oils of these incredible plants for the fullest bouquet of flavor & aroma.

As such, only the high notes and aromatics are infused into the chocolate, which contribute a crisp, refreshing flavor experience like no other.

Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Essential Oils of Anise*, Sweet Fennel*, Mugwort*, and Lemon Balm*

Endofrin Foods Ginger and Rose Bar

Ginger & Rose
Dark Chocolate Bar w/Coconut Milk 54% Cacao

2018 Most Unique – Silver (International Chocolate Salon Awards)

2017 Best Chocolate Bar Overall – Bronze (International Chocolate Salon Awards)

This silky smooth dark chocolate bar with coconut milk starts with a delicate touch of rose and slowly gives way to a spicy, invigorating kick of fresh ginger.

The balance of floral aromatics and warm heat leaves one both satisfied and yearning for more…

Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Essential Oils of Ginger* and Rose*

Endofrin Foods Dark and Salty Bar

Dark & Salty
Extra Dark Chocolate Nibs & Salt Bar 82% Cacao

2018 Best Vegan Milk Chocolate – Gold (Taste TV)

This lovely bar starts with a base of Endorfin’s signature dark chocolate with coconut mylk – smooth and bold, with a tiny hint of sweet.

They add a delightful crunch with just the right amount of regeneratively grown Ecuadorian cacao nibs (100% cacao by definition), and seal the deal with a subtle kiss of Peruvian pink salt from Salt of the Earth.

This unique bar combines the ultra-smooth meltdown of mylk chocolate with the intensity & flavor of extra dark chocolate for a chocolate experience in a category all its own.

Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao Nibs†*, Peruvian Pink Salt

*Organic Ingredient
†Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA

Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler

Endorfin Foods Six Bar Sampler – $40


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