During our summer chocolate-shipping hiatus, we’re celebrating our first two Chocolate Connoisseur Favorite Award winners from 2017 — LetterPress Chocolate and Elements Truffles. For more on our first Favorite Awards, click here to read the full article and winners list.

With this first-of-its-kind offer, we’re also kicking off our own line of fun products and swag for chocolate lovers and fans of Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine.

Starting with these few coffee mugs (because who doesn’t want to start the day with a little love for chocolate?), we’ll be expanding well beyond that into the Fall, even launching customizable items before the holiday season kicks into high gear. Our summer offer, however, is all about two of our all-time favorite chocolate makers and magazine issues, spotlighting LetterPress Chocolate on the May 2017 cover and Elements Truffles on the cover from October 2017.

We hope you enjoy all three, and please let us know what you think in the newly-restored comments below so that we can deliver more of what you’re looking for as the Fall approaches…

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Chocolate Connoisseur Favorites Coffee Mugs – $40 –


The pictures above showcase the THREE (3) mugs in this collection, featuring both the front (on the left) and the back (on the right) sides of each mug. All designs printed and shipped from the United States.

Chocolate Connoisseur Favorites Coffee Mugs – $40 –


The Chocolate Therapist Testimonials

“…incredible chocolate, coffee, wine pairing classes, home brew ingredients. The list goes on and on. “Set an appointment” and go see your Chocolate Therapist.” — U.R.
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