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Bixby & Co. Chocolate Offer

Chocolate One-on-One: Pascati Chocolate

In Focus: Bixby & Co.

Chocolate Calendar

Bixby & Co. Fudgy Chocolate Nib Brownies Recipe

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Bixby & Co Chocolate Offer

Bixby & Co Chocolate Offer

Bixby & Co. delivers four very different chocolate bars in your February-March chocolate offer, with an Organic Belize 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, an Organic Haitian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, a 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Split Rock Bourbon Bar (Dominican Republic origin, infused with Split Rock Bourbon), and Bixby’s Primo 20 Karat Bar, (Dominican Republic origin with Spiced Rosemary Almonds).

Bixby and Co Chocolate – In Focus

Bixby and Co Chocolate – In Focus

Your latest In Focus feature starts in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, where Kate McAleer of Bixby & Co. spent her chocolate-loving childhood. This idyllic part of the state offers a stark contrast to the intense, urban metropolis of New York City, and just as these two regions showcase two unique pieces to the same state puzzle, Bixby & Co. showcases two very different aspects to the chocolate world…

Pascati Chocolate – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey

Pascati Chocolate – Chocolate One-on-One with Victoria Cooksey

Victoria Cooksey returns with her first interview of the new decade, this time introducing you to India’s first certified USDA organic chocolate maker, Pascati Chocolate. Victoria interviews company founder Devansh Ashar, diving into multiple topics, including one that may surprise you — did you know that cacao grows in India?

About The Author

Eric Battersby

Experienced writer, indie filmmaker (Hollywood 27 and Change The World Films), and best-selling Kindle author, Eric has this to say about Chocolate Connoisseur: “Our goal is to not only help create a strong community of enlightened chocolate lovers, connecting them with passionate chocolatiers and chocolate makers, it’s to also help the chocolate industry rise up and do the right thing by its cacao farmers and everyone else. Just like what I do as a filmmaker, I want us to do our part here to change the world. We’re not just building a magazine -- I think that’s part of being a responsible media company, and I think our readers completely embrace the concept as well..” For Eric's other life as an activist filmmaker, visit http://www.walkamileproject.com, to learn how his nonprofit is currently tackling the controversy surrounding GMOs (genetically modified organisms in our food supply).

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