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We know you’re used to seeing a new chocolate offer here nearly every month. During normal times, you’ll find a lovely selection of chocolate carefully put together for you by a great chocolate maker (one diligently selected by us to make sure you’re receiving some high quality chocolate), and all at an incredible price too.

Right now, unfortunately, we’re clearly not living in a normal time. As so many businesses struggle under the weight of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we’re instead setting our sights on one important goal for the short-term: helping some of our most beloved chocolate makers stay afloat during this difficult stretch.

Our chocolate offers, as you’ve come to know them, may not return until the Fall, but like everything else right now for all of us, we’re pretty much taking it one day at a time (Ann Romano would be proud).

For more details on this, feel free to read this issue’s Editor’s Corner, where Eric dives a little deeper into not only the LetterPress situation, but also the entire situation at large.

As for your chocolate offer, we’re imploring you to still take advantage of the Chocolate Shop here. Click on one of the links below to visit LetterPress Chocolate’s store, where we hope you’ll pick up a few bars to show your support.

We’re doing our best to keep the doors open for as many chocolate makers as we can, and you can help immensely in that effort yourself by simply picking up a handful of bars at LetterPress today, where David and Corey are offering FREE SHIPPING on everything during this time.

Stay strong and stay healthy everyone, we’ll get through this.

— Chocolate Connoisseur

LetterPress Chocolate



70% Dark Belize

70% Dark Ucayali


70% Dark Tranquilidad

70% Dark Jamaica


LetterPress Chocolate